❤️COVID-19 Update: At this time, we are set for our current year 'round and seasonal staff as we head into a very unknown spring time. We will have a much longer delay in replying to everyone than we'd hoped, in light of the rapid daily experiences we are all going through with this. We have so much appreciation for each of you who applied. The sheer number of you and your incredibly thoughtful questionnaire responses were inspiring and deeply appreciated. You are unique and wonderful. More when we're able.❤️

Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply is currently done hiring for Spring 2020

Our goal at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply is to help nurture, cultivate, and share knowledge with local gardening, farming, plant and animal loving communities. 

Our shop spans a very wide range of products, knowledge and tasks. In hiring, we prioritize a strong enthusiasm to learn about these things, over prior knowledge and comparable experience. A lot of learning comes on the job and we have a wonderfully supportive team and plenty of resource materials that can assist with developing knowledge in areas you are passionate about. 

We are looking for people that show kindness, curiosity, desire to learn and communicate clearly, and who enjoy working as a team and interacting with our customers with a genuinely caring spirit. We are a supportive workplace that recognizes unique individuality. We like to take care of one another and we value cooperation and communication. We're at 13 year 'round people on our team and excited to add new folx to this season and potentially beyond!!!

Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply has been in operation since 2009, owned solely by Naomi, who is gaily gay and the primary manager, and operated together as a dynamic team. We started from a vision to provide organic supplies whenever possible, and work with as many independent local and regional suppliers as we can. And to provide this in a shop that prioritizes friendly customer service, education and connection to other great resources, in a very colorful, lively and lovely space. 

We are working towards being a safe, inclusive and accessible public space and workplace. We highly encourage all people to apply, including BIPOC*, LGBTQ2SIA+*, women-identified, people of all abilities, applicable ages, people with low-income, and people of immigrant backgrounds. You can read more about our inclusivity mission statement, action steps and educational resources which will be available on our website soon.

All positions at Naomi’s are Customer Service, combined with one or more specialties listed below. Staff are expected to acknowledge every person who comes in with kindness, an open mind, and a desire to share advice and resources on a wide variety of interests. Regardless of whether or not a person that comes into the shop purchases anything, it is very important to us to foster an inclusive and welcoming culture in our shop and the top priority for all positions. In addition to this, Spring specialty tasks range from:

We offer these different job positions / specialties to create opportunities for a wider spectrum of people, ages, and abilities. You could have one position or multiple within our shop and there is room to grow into additional knowledge and positions and/or change positions. Please fill out our questionnaire to help us get started on finding the right position for you to interview for. 

*BIPOC - Black, Indigenous, people of colour 
*LGBTQ2SIA+ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning/Queer, 2 Spirited, Intersex, Asexual, + other non-hetero orientations or genders