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SHALLOTS: French Greys and Reds are grown locally by two small farms with no synthetic fertilizer, pesticide nor herbicides, but not USDA OG Certified.  
GARLIC: Grown on small family farms - two are certified organic and one is certified both organic & biodynamic.  

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Naomi’s 2018 Seed Garlic Lis

HARDNECK VARIETIES – easy to peel, thusly having shorter storage, robust in flavor and make delicious scapes, aka whistles to eat, too…!

Chesnok Red Sold Out
Flavor:  Moderate flavor.  Retains its terrific garlicky flavor after baking.
Type:  Hardneck, Purple Stripe, Late-Season
Description: Large, tall, pretty reddish-purple, easy to peel cloves. Creamy texture when baked.  May keep up to six months.  Originated in Shvelist in the Republic of Georgia.  Grown in Ridgefield, WA, certified organic.

Music by Mineral Springs Ranch - Sold Out
Flavor:  Very flavorful, slightly spicy, classic garlic flavor that lasts a long time.  Romance…
Type:  Hardneck, Porcelain, Mid-Season
History/Characteristics: This cold-hardy garlic is known for high yields.  White-skinned with a blush of pink, its’ easy-to-peel cloves are large and fat, with thick, parchment-like wrappers.  Known for its extra high allicin content, which supports normal cholesterol levels, boosts the immune system, and enhances circulation. This variety may have crossed with a bit of Chesnok early on.  Grown in Carlton, OR, certified organic & biodynamic.

SOFTNECK VARIETIES – can be braided, are known for longer storage and robust, but sometimes milder flavors:

Inchelium Red - Sold Out
Flavor:  Winner of national taste-test in the softneck division.  Mild yet rich robust flavor great for baking. Hint of heat, but never overpowering.
Type:  Softneck, Artichoke, Mid-Season
History/Characteristics:  Discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in northern Washington.  Dense bulb with anywhere from 9-20 cloves. Thick outer bulb wrappers, stores 6-9 months.  
Grown in Ridgefield, WA, certified organic.

Lorz Italian - Sold Out
Flavor:  Hot, complex spicy flavor more like a hardneck
Type:  Softneck, Artichoke
History/Characteristics:  Brought from Italy to Washington State by the Lorz family around 1850.  Big flat-round bulbs, with large robust cloves.  Uniquely easy to peel skins.  Excellent roasted, holding up a stronger, richer flavor than many softnecks.  Long storage, 6-8 months.  Grown in Ridgefield, WA, certified organic.
Susanville -
 Sold Out
Flavor:  Flavorful and rich, not hot.  Excellent for roasting.
Type:  Softneck, Artichoke, Mid-Season
History/Characteristics: An improved selection of California Early, likely originating in Gilroy, CA. White with beautiful purple skin with occasional pink undertones, cream colored flesh.  Consistently yields large, robust bulbs.  Consistent dependable high yields of large heads. Great for braiding and stores for 6-9 months.  Grown in Ridgefield, WA, certified organic.

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Duganski - Not currently available
Flavor:  Initial burst of fire fades away to a rich mellow aftertaste.  Flavor holds up well even after cooking.
Type:  Hardneck, Purple Stripe, Mid-Season
History/Characteristics: Duganski has thick luxuriant purple wrappers and large warm violet-tinged cloves. You may find it sexy.  Easy to peel, tall crescent shaped cloves with elongated tips. Stores well, unless you’ve already eaten it all.  Grown in Philomath, OR and Ridgefield, WA, certified organic.

Elephant Garlic Not currently available
Flavor:  Mild flavor, suitable raw for subtle, gentle garlic flavor and yummy when roasted, too.
Type:  Hardneck, and actually in the leek family, but looks like an enormous garlic, Late-Season
History/Characteristics: Each bulb can weigh up to or much more than.. one pound.  Each plant will grow 4 to 5' tall, entertaining kids and adults.  Very easy to peel, good keeper, sometimes up to a year.  Grown in Ellensburg, WA, certified organic. 

German White a.k.a Northern White - Not currently available
Flavor:  Rich, garlicky, and hot; very strong and robust and sticks around for a long time.
Type:  Hardneck; Porcelain
Description A tall dark green plant and is a very good survivor, usually grows healthy and appears to be somewhat resistant to many of the diseases that can affect garlic. It originally came from Germany but grows well in all but the most southerly states, where it is marginal. Can store a long time at cool room temp, around 10 months or longer. Grown in Ridgefield, WA, certified organic.

Killarney Red Not currently available
Flavor:  Deep, full-bodied gourmet flavor that starts out hot and then dissipates quickly for a smooth finish. Excellent saut√©eing garlic.
Type:  Hardneck, Rocambole, Mid-Season
Description: Large purple, easy to peel cloves. Stores 4-5 months. Grows well in wet conditions.

Ontario Purple Trillium  (“OPT”) - 
Not currently available

Flavor: Wow!  It’s been described as a “veritable garlic inferno”, “scorching hot”, and “packs a ferocious punch”.  If you’re a fan of hot garlic, this one’s for you!
Type:  Heirloom Hardneck, Rocambole, Early-Season
  One of the earliest garlics to mature; reliable producer, very sturdy plants, large bulbs. Cloves are easy to peel.  Take me home, make me yours.  Grown in Corvallis, OR 
with organic methods.

Purple Glazer - Not currently available
Flavor:  Mmm… roasting… delicious baked garlic, strong lasting flavor, but not hot, without an aftertaste, yum.
Type:  Hardneck, Purple Stripe, Mid-season
Description:. Beautiful deep purple with satiny hues, one of the most attractive garlics.  Easy to peel, keeps up to 5 to 7 months in storage.  Grown in Sweet Home, OR, certified organic.

Romanian Red - Not currently available
 Flavor:  Delightfully hot, long lasting flavor.Type:  Hardneck; Porcelain
Type:  Hardneck, Porcelain 
Description:  One of the best yielding, most beautiful garlics. Romanian Red is a classic porcelain type garlic similar to Music and Rosewood. White bulbs on the outside, pink to red clove wrappers with large bulbs and cloves are the name of the game with this one. The plants are well formed and stocky. Last year we noticed a lack of rust resistance, but surprisingly this didn't seem to faze Romanian Red and it grew right through to produce good yields, which makes it disease tolerant and vigorous. Four to six large, easy-peel cloves have a delightfully hot, long lasting flavor. Good keeper for a hardneck but not as long as the silverskins.  Originating in Romania coming into this country via the Pacific Northwest. It has been a good garlic for our climate for many years now.  

Grown in Sweet Home, OR, certified organic.

Rosewood - 
Not currently available

Flavor:  Initial garlic kick but mellows out to a delicious garlic ambiance.   
Type:  Hardneck, Mid-season 
Description:  The Rosewood variety originates from Russia and is an exceptionally beautiful symmetrical, white bulb. Long term storage for this one, pretty to look at until you devour it. Grown in Sweet Home, OR, certified organic.
Shandong Purple Not currently available
Flavor:  Flaming hot raw, yes!   Maintaining a great garlic flavor when baked to comfort your soul.
Type:  Hardneck, Porcelain, Early-Season
History/Characteristics:  Originally from China’s Shandong Province. Clove wrappers are pinkish purple to dark tan, easy to peel.  Rare and delightful.  Ready to harvest early in summer.  Grown in Ridgefield, WA, certified organic.

Siberian Not currently available 
MILD (there is a different Siberian garlic which is known for being hot)
Flavor:  Mild to Medium; “good flavor but not overpowering”.  Sweet when baked.
Type:  Hardneck; Purple Stripe, Mid-Season
  Extra large, easy to peel cloves; stores for ~5 months; thrives in cold weather. Prized for having a very high allicin content--possibly the highest of any garlic.  Allicin supports normal cholesterol levels, boosts the immune system, and enhances circulation. Grown in Corvallis, OR with organic methods.

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Broadleaf Czech Softneck - Not currently available
Flavor:  Full spectrum - hot raw flavor, mellows to a rich full one when roasted or cooked. Type:  Softneck, Artichoke, Late-Season 
History/Characteristics:  From the Czech Republic, this variety performs well under wet PNW springs and has also excelled with recent drier spring weather.  The bulbs and cloves have a unique creamy tan color with fairly large size cloves for a softneck.  Seed stock obtained from Gatersleben Seed Bank in Germany, it is similar to Siskiyou Purple, with a broader leaf structure.  Grown in Sweet Home, OR, certified organic.

Harry McCormack’s Italian - Not currently available
Flavor: Delicious classical garlic flavor.
Type:  Softneck, Late-Season

Description: Great variety from one of the founders of Oregon Tilth. Grown is Corvallis for over 30 years. Beautiful braiding variety, great keeper.  Grown in 
Sweet Home, OR, certified organic.

Nootka Rose - Not currently available
Flavor:  Strong, rich, flavor more like a hardneck.
Type:  Softneck, Silverskin, Late-Season 
History/Characteristics:  Heirloom from Waldron Island, Washington.  Rose-colored cloves, beautiful white skin bulbs, lovely for braiding and decoration.  Very productive.  Very long storage, 9-12 months.  Late-maturing, resists fungus, we love this one. Grown in Ridgefield, WA, certified organic.

Rhonda selecting her garlic back in 2012
Oregon Blue - Not currently available
Flavor:  Nice hotter flavor, more like a hardneck, meow.
Type:  Softneck, Artichoke, Mid-Season
Description: Northwest heirloom variety, high yields, vigorous plants with deep green leaves.  Bulb wrappers have a light blue-purple tint. Good storage.  Expect 8-10 cloves per bulb. Grown in Sweet Home, OR, certified organic.

Spanish Roja - Not currently available
Flavor:  Strong, but not overly spicy
Type:  Hardneck, Rocambole
History/Characteristics:  Loved by chefs for seductive depth of "true garlic flavor" and ease of peeling.  Brought to Portland area before 1900.  Stores 4-6 months.  Grown in Philomath, OR, certified organic.

Polish White - Not currently available
Flavor:  Richly flavored, great for lovers of hot garlic!  Maintains impressive heat even when roasted.
Type:  Softneck; Artichoke, Mid-Season
Description:  Polish was introduced into North America around 1900.  Larger than most softnecks, it is one of the most winter-hardy.  Great choice for braiding because of its parchment-like bulb wrappers.  Harvest early in summer, stores into mid-winter.  Grown in Corvallis, OR with organic methods.
Wendy Davis, our 2013 garlic specialist. 

Silver Rose - 
Not currently available
Flavor:  Subtle flavor, with a pinch heat, one of the mildest; little after-taste.
Type:  Softneck, Artichoke, Late-Season

Description: Rose-colored cloves in smooth, bright white bulbs--beautiful for braiding.  Late maturing garlic, which stores very very well and is often resistant to the rust fungus common in the maritime northwest.  One of the longest-storing garlics. Popular throughout the US and Europe for production due to it's storability and uniform shapeliness. Grown in Sweet Home, OR, certified organic.