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Organic Fertilizer:  Ranging from Cover Crop Seed to Organic Seed Meals & Animal Meals, Lime and Dolomite Lime, Kelp Meal, Mycorrhizal, Gypsum, Rock Phosphate, Glacial Rock Dust, Jersey Sand and Azomite.  All available in a range of sizes from 5# up to 50#s to suit your needs. Also available in full pallets.  We do not carry any synthetic fertilizers.

Soils, Castings & Composts:  A wide range of ingredients to amend your soil or to make your own custom potting mixes; peat moss, coir coconut fiber, volcanic pumice and perlite, mushroom and manure composts, three worm casting options, along with many pre-mixed potting soil options.

Sharp Tools:  Meadow Creature Broadforks, Rogue Hoes, Opinel, Sneeboer, Glaser Stirrup Hoes, Collinear Hoes, Earthway Seeders, Corona, Truper, Harvest Knives, Bahco, Felco and Japanese Tools.

Seeds & PlantsCover Crop year round and Vegetable, Herb and Flower seeds from primarily Oregon and Washington growers – Adaptive, Uprising, Horizon Herbs and some seeds from native pollinator powerhouse Native Ideals.  Fruit and nut trees, berries, herbs, flowers, natives, ground covers and many more plants.  We seasonally stock organic seed garlic, shallots, seed potatoes, rhubarb crowns, asparagus crowns, flower bulbs and onion sets.

Irrigation/Watering:  Irrigation kits and by DripWorks, drip irrigation fittings, digital timers, hand waterers and wands by Dramm, The Garden Hose, Gilmour soaker hoses, digital timers for controlled watering, and much, much more!!

Books:  We carry 650+ titles on farming, gardening, permaculture, livestock, cooking, herbal remedies, fermenting and more.  We offer book discounts for working farms and non-profits.

Treats:  Chocolate, farm-fresh eggs, local honey, hand-made soap, candles, epsom salts, cards, patches, stickers, totes, shirts and other goodies.  We also source from farmers and gardeners like you, so if you make something neat or know someone who does, contact us about consignment or wholesale and get your goods on our shelves!

Pets and Livestock:  We’ve got the goods for all of your animal needs! 

Cat and Dog food from Taste of the Wild, Wellness, and Diamond. Plus catnip, treats, brushes, collars, leashes and the most luxurious of beds from Big Shrimpy!

Farm animals: Chicken, Rabbit and Goat feed by Scratch & Peck, Payback and Beaver; hay, straw, minerals, grains, organic yeast, Redmond Salt, Fertrell’s, Permaguard, ‘DE’ diatomaceous earth, pasture seed, books on livestock care, barn and fence building, plus many other supplies.  Hog, Turkey and Fryer/Broiler and other livestock feeds by special order, along with ½ and full pallets / tons.

Worms: Call or email us for availability and if out, we'll add you to our Worm Call List.  We'll contact you when our next batch of Red Wigglers comes in.  We work with a farmer in Helvetia who does any amazing job sorting them and providing very healthy worms for us.  We carry Worms Eat My GarbageWorms Eat Our Garbage & Worm Cafe - both of which are great for classrooms and larger scale vermicomposting situations.

Mason Bees: Houses, tubes and books in stock, cocoons generally available mid January through March.