UPDATED 8/25/19


WHAT: Update! Chris Chulos is retiring and his last two days here will be Sunday 9/8 and 9/15/19. It's possible we'll have another person at certain times TBD, but no regular pullet day beyond 9/15. Chris raised Pullets aka "teenage" Hens & Ducklings for sale throughout the year, ready to be out in your coop and just laying or near laying age. Breeds vary each time (see below). 

CHICKS?: If you are interested in purchasing baby chicks from us instead, click here peep peep! πŸ₯

WHEN: * Every Sunday at 10am - noon *  SEE NOTE ABOVE See side bar to the left for dates. Meet outside in our BACK / south parking lot. Usually every week, year 'round, sometimes every other week.

EGGS: Eggs are available for $7 per dozen cash, directly from the farmer during this time

BREEDS: Varies weekly and often includes assorted adorable Bantam hens, too. Most importantly, all breed varieties will be determined by which young hens decide they're grown up and ready to move out to new homes... πŸ”πŸ”πŸ” 

DUCKLINGS: Runner, Ancona, Muscovy and Pekin ducklings generally available in April, May and possibly the summer and other times of year, just ask.

DETAILS: All pullet sales are first come, first served. All sales are directly through the breeder/raiser outside and cash only, generally ~$25 each.  If you would like teenage ducklings, bantam hens or a specific breed, please let us know a few days before and we'll try to help arrange availability.  We also have some specific duckling days in late spring / early summer.  

TRANSPORT: Please bring a pet carrier or suitable box πŸ“¦ to transport them home.  Make sure  their new home coop is safe and secure from predators, sheltered from the weather and ready to go with food, grit, oyster shell, a waterer and bedding when picking them up or purchase any extra supplies with us ahead of time when you come in.

ORGANIC?: Unlike our baby chick handling, we only host the people with teenage poultry and have not been involved with providing, nor raising them.  These chickens have been raised by folks outside of our shop and have often been fed a non-organic feed, due to the costs of raising a high volume of poultry and lack of demand / willingness in customers to pay more for pullets fed with certified organic feed.  If this is something you're interested in, please let them know.  Each raiser / breeder has different practices, please ask them about age, feed, vaccinations and any other questions you have about their practices.  As many of you know, who have raised chicks in the past and would now like pullets that are ready to go right outside, chicks take space, time, feed and a lot of care.  We are grateful to host the folks and connect you.  


FEED: * We welcome all sizes of orders up from a few bags to full pallets.  Other feeds from the following mills are available from us by pre-order each week, just call or email us order@naomisorganic.com.  We also sell wholesale to other stores. *

Scratch and Peck Certified Organic Feeds
Milled in Bellingham, WA - Entire mill is certified non-gmo and organic!  All grains certified organic and grown primarily in WA & OR.  Most available in 25 & 40# bags
Organic Soy Free Layer - w/ organic WA corn 
Organic Naturally Free Layer - soy / corn free 
Organic Naturally Free Grower/Pullet Developer - soy / corn free
Organic Naturally Free Starter/Chick - soy / corn free

Organic cracked corn, scratch treat mixes, grubs and herbs are regularly in stock and ALL of their items, including Turkey and Broiler, are available weekly by special order.

Payback Certified Organic Feeds 
Milled in Harrisburg, OR by CHS
Most available in 25 & 50# bags
Organic Layer Pellets 
Organic Chick/Grower Pellets 
Organic Broiler / Fryer by special order
Non-organic options may be available by Special Order

Beaver Brand Feed
Milled in Portland, OR for a McMinnville, family owned company
Layer Pellets in 20 and 40lb bags (non-og / "Conventional")

Scratch and Peck 'Organic Cracked Corn' grown in Washington 
Scratch and Peck 'Scratch 'n Corn' Organic 3 Grain  
Scratch and Peck 'Naturally Free' Organic 3 way without corn 
Beaver Brand 6 Grain Scratch, non-og 
Flock Blocks
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, non-og

In 5, 25 and 50lb bags
#1 size for Chicks & Bantams
#2 for Pullets / Hens
#3 for Hens or Turkeys + #4 for Turkeys 

Also great for landscaping and sedum plantings.

Lay Blend in 5, 25 and 50lb bags
Oyster Shell Flour also available for feed mixes, amending soil pH and bocce ball courts!

Straw: Compressed Wheat Straw bales (non-og) & also Bag O' Straw
* The organic straw / wheat farm we worked with for many years, lost their land and we are seeking a new farm to work with
Pine Shavings and Cedar Shavings: 11cf bale / compressed bags
Cedar Toe bales: 10cf, great scent combats odors and holds up very well for adult chicken runs, especially in wet winters

Rice Hulls: 50lb bale / compressed bag
Wood pellets and others: Dry Den, Stall Dry and more

Scratch and Peck Cluckin' Good Grubs and Herbs
Vitamins & Electrolytes, Rooster Booster, Probiotics, No-Pick
Food grade DE / Diatomaceous Earth in 8oz, 2lb, 6lb and 50lb bags
Fertrell Yeast - on organic alfalfa meal - in 1,5, 25 and 50lbs - added protein and vitamins for Poultry and Goats
Diamond Yeast by pre-order
Kelp, Alfalfa, Camelina, Linseed, Soybean and Fish Meal are also available for custom feed ingredients of for raising protein in Broiler, Turkey or Gamebird feed
Fertrell's Poultry Nutribalancer in 60# bag size (full bag mixes with 1 ton of feed)

Baby Chick and adult hopper and pan style feeders, nipple waterers, water buckets, chick brooder lamps and infrared reptile and ceramic heat emitter bulbs in many wattages.

U-Post Steel Fence Posts in 3',4' and 5' sizes
Chicken Wire in 24" to 72" widths and 25' to 150' lengths, Hardware Cloth - the 1/2in. size in 36" or 48" width 
Welded Wire Fencing 4', 5' and 6' x 50' lengths. 

We carry over 650+ book titles - just ask for what titles we carry on a particular subject. Below is a list of Poultry related titles:

The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals
Backyard Poultry – NaturallyBarnyard in Your Backyard
Building Chicken Coops
Chick Days The Chicken Health Handbook,
Ducks & Geese
Eggs & Chickens
Fowl PlayFree-range Chicken Gardens
Free-Range Chicken Gardens
The Fresh Egg Cookbook
The Great Chicken Escape
Humane and Healthy Poultry
Just a Couple of Chickens
Keep Chickens!
Keeping Chickens
Pocketful of Poultry
Raising Chickens
Raising Ducks
Raising Poultry
Raising Turkeys
Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds
The Small Scale Poultry Flock