Rideen' to work with Naomi

Oona Bee Riot & Binga Von Flair - Naomi's goats are often home in their timber bamboo forest and on hiking adventures, but sometimes come in during the week on Thursdays or Fridays and hang out 'n chew the cud at the register.  You're welcome to call ahead to check if they're in or when they may be next. (They'll be home in mid/late March, back next on April 6th or 7th) 

They are from an excellent dairy herd, Quail Run Hollow, in Gaston, OR.  Visit QRH by appointment for goat and cheese-making classes, baby goats kids and their cheese while in beautiful wine country, find more on their website


Your goats will generally need an annual CD/T booster (prevention of Tetanus and Enterotoxemia) and definitely need BoSe (Selenium and Vitamin E) injection annually or you can administer at home with a gel, we carry 80ml tubes and dose is generally btw 2 - 4 ml on a more frequent or monthly basis. It's very easy to mix in with treats and it's a great value.  We also have goat specific probiotics, electrolytes and a lot of first aid kit supplies.  

Here are some goat vet recommendations for annual exams, fecal tests and shots, plus any other health concerns or emergencies:

The Woodburn Vet Clinic:  503-982-2421  http://www.woodburnvetclinic.com/default.aspx - Dr. Tiah Sigler & Dr. Blake Miller 

Eagle Fern Equine Hospital:  503-630-4558  http://www.eaglefernequine.com - Dr. Rossario

Abiqua Animal Clinic:  503-873-3691 http://abiquaanimalclinic.com/ - Dr. Acton

Newberg Veterinary Hospital:  503-746-8065  http://www.newbergvet.com/ - Dr. Erin Tripp & Dr. Tina Johnson

These vets are compiled from our customers, please let us know if you have a good or bad experience at one or find a particular vet or clinic we should add to the list.

Edible vs Poisonous Plants: Make sure to have printed plant list on hand as reference and share with your family, friends and neighbors - here is one source - http://fiascofarm.com/goats/poisonousplants.htm.  

*Rhododendrons are one of the most poisonous and as they are ubiquitous in the PNW, very common for someone to mistakenly give goats or for them to be within a goat area and for even very well fed goats to accidentally want to eat and get very sick. There are many antidote recipes online, but make sure to also call your livestock vet asap.*

HAY: Compressed Orchard, the most popular with goats, Timothy and Alfalfa.  We also stock non-compressed Orchard.  Currently out of certified organic hay and on the search for manageable organic bale sizes.

CFO - Binga Von Flair

MINERALS: Redmond Goat Mineral, Fertrell's Premier Goat Minerals, Kelp Meal, Sodium Bicarbonate / Baking Soda, Azomite Trace Minerals, Dolomite 10AG, Redmond Organic Trace Mineral Salt: loose, rocks and blocks & Fertrell's Yeast (non-gmo and on grown organic alfalfa base).  Feed Sulfur, Sweetlix Caprine Milk Bird Brains & Chicken Butts Minerals and Diamond yeast by special order.  

FEED: Organic Alfalfa Pellets, Scratch & Peck Organic Soy Free Goat Feed (15%), Payback Organic All Breed (13.5%), along with Organic Whole Oats, Organic Triticale, Organic 
Barley, Non-gmo Camelina, Linseed Meal, Rolled Oats, Rolled Barley, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.  Other feed ingredients by special order.

CEO - Oona Bee Riot
BEDDING: Certified Organic Oat Straw and Compressed Non-og Wheat Straw Bales. Cedar and Pine Shavings, Cedar Toe Bales, Dry Den wood bedding pellets with zeolite, Stall Dry and Lime.

BARN: Water buckets - black rubber or plastic in colors, Rubber feed tubs, hoof trimmers, milk filters, mineral tubs and other barn goods.  We are working on some custom hay and mineral feeders.

BOOKS: The Backyard Goat, Storey books on Miniature Livestock & Dairy Goats, City Goats, Natural Goat Care, plus Cheryl K. Smith's books coming soon and many other books on multiple animals, fencing, barn building, cheese making and soap making. Let us know if there are other goat items you'd like.

Fias Co Farm - Health & Husbandry, Cheese making, Natural Care - very well loved reference! It's also the site of Molly's Herbals
Hoegger Goat Supply - quality goat goods since 1935