UPDATED 1/14/17

SEED PACKETS: ARRIVING JANUARY 18th!  We carry many amazing varieties from some of our favorite seed growers: Adaptive, Uprising, Horizon Herbs, Native Ideals, and Strictly Medicinal...

COVER CROP SEED:  both Organic and non/Conventional available - see this section for varieties and email for pricing and recommendations for your farm or come on in for a full selection ready for your garden.  Available in packet, 1, 5, 25 and 50 lb bags, or other custom sizes by pre-order.


We have many certified organic varieties available, and look forward to these favorites coming soon!!


We have additional price discounts by weight.  You can mix standard size potato varieties or mix fingerling varieties for discounts if you're planting a lot or going in with friends. 1,000#s between our first two orders. .

Certified Organic Onion and Leek Sets for Fall Planting: 



SEED PACKETS - NEW SEED SELECTION IN LATE JANUARY 2017!! Seed packets in stock from Uprising Seeds, Adaptive, and Horizon Herbs.  We LOVE organic locally and regionally grown seeds.

We keep things organized by these sections: Alliums, Beans, Corns, Cucurbits, Grains, Greens, Flowers, Herbs, Lettuces, Nightshades, Peas, Root Vegetables.  Some have with multiple varieties co-habitating in their slots waiting for you.....

Vegetable, Herb and Flower seeds from:

Uprising Seeds - we carry the majority of their varieties.  Many are grown at their home farm Uprising Organics in Acme, WA with the remainder sourced from their great network of family farms in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Their growers are among the best and most experienced in the Organic Seed trade in our region. (Crystine & Brian's son Rowan listening to the lettuce...) Certified Organic 

Horizon Herbs - an awesome assortment of herbs, flowers and veggies grown in southern Oregon.  Certified Organic 

Adaptive Seeds - we carry many of their varieties - grown by Sarah & Andrew in Sweet Home, OR and they've got network of other regional growers, too.  They grow the majority of the seeds in their impressively delicious catalog, those grown by other neat local farms are noted.  Certified Organic

These seed companies are strongly non-GMO/GE and Certified Organic.  

Native Ideals Seed Farm  - we carry a nice selection of drought-tolerant pollinators, grown by Bryce Christiaens and Rebecca Shoemaker in Arlee, MT.
These seeds are initially wild harvested and grown in fields using the strictest of care, representing the diverse genetic diversity of wild populations.

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Certified Organic Jersey Knight Asparagus Crowns & Rhubarb Crowns (Crimson & Victoria):  Back in 2017

Strawberry Starts - BACK IN EARLY 2017!:  Starts available that have been grown out with organic potting soil and fertilizer, some certified organic. We carry many varieties, both June bearing and day neutral / ever-bearing and alpine.  Biggest selection is in spring and early summer.  Crowns sold out for 2016, back in 2017

  • Elan
  • Italian (Alpine)
  • Quinault
  • Seascape
  • Yellow Wonder Wild (Alpine)

  • Benton
  • Chandler