❤️COVID-19 Update: At this time we are still going by emailed orders and scheduled pick ups only, our shop is still closed to the public (see our home page). 

UPDATE! 6/5/2020 We are sold out for the season and will post here if we do a unique late summer or early fall order 

This was our 11th season of providing organic baby chicks and in spite of all of this years intense changes, we had a wonderful spring chick season with you! Scroll down ⬇ for the list. Peep, peep! 

(SCROLL DOWN ⬇ for breeds and dates)

WHEN: Chick season is HERE! We supply baby chicks ๐Ÿฅ from early March through ~ mid May each year.

HOW: We specialize in Pre-Order sales, which gives you some time to prepare their chick brooder, pick your favorite breeds (see below), and fit their arrival in with your schedule.  Payments are taken when you place your order - currently by EMAIL only - We are not currently able to be open to walk-in purchases, as we have pre-COVID-19, when extra chicks were here and available. We update changes to breeds and availability online throughout the season. We do not ship chicks.

ORGANIC: We feed our chicks Certified Organic Scratch & Peck and Payback Chick Starter when they arrive from the hatchery at ~2 days age. Since chicks are born with a few days supply of yolk, their first feeding is with us. USDA Organic Livestock Requirements information.

SEXING: They are sexed by the hatchery to be female at ~90% accuracy. Sex-Linked breeds are crosses of two great breeds that are born with a color marking indicating their sex and a 99%+ accuracy; breeds include Cinnamon Queens, Gold Comets and Red, Black or Gold Sex Links. 

VACCINATED: All of our are chicks vaccinated against the Marek’s disease virus.

WHY CHOOSE NAOMI’S: This is our 11th season providing you with baby chicks raised using organic feed. Fresh, clean water in chick sized drip / nipple waters and in the past through changing their water throughout the day and elevating their waterer as they grow to keep their poop out of their water is one of the key parts of why we have never needed to use medicated feed. 

We do not have chicks available all the time. We intentionally stagger our orders allowing us time to give quality, detailed care before they go home, and space to grow up for those chicks that aren’t already pre-purchased. 

We use wooden brooders with natural removable liners and certified organic straw bedding (switching from pine), cleaned frequently for their comfort which we later compost at home. Research shows the muscles, tendons and bones of chickens develop most successfully when raised on solid flooring, which is why we choose this method. We provide our chicks with plenty of space to run around and offer fresh organic greens and tufts of dirt for pecking & snacking and branches for roosting. Our fluffy peepers receive lots of love and care throughout the day, combined with endless hours of entertainment provided by our dedicated staff. ๐Ÿ’•

We use ceramic heat emitters that don’t emit light so the chicks can sleep soundly. Red light reptile bulbs work great, too, and we supply both.  We use the lowest wattage bulbs we can so that they are plenty warm, but not overheated.  After two weeks at home, it is ideal to switch to a non-light emitting heat source if you can. (Never use Teflon coated bulbs, which emit toxic fumes to all ages or poultry!) ๐Ÿ’ก

Since 2009 we’ve worked with several different hatcheries, our favorite being a company that has been responsibly breeding and shipping chicks for over 80 years. In our experience, we found them to have the most humane transparent practices with male chicks, including creative ways to home them and putting those they can't to sleep.  They provide humane, heat-packed, thoughtfully spaced travel arrangements and have high, accurate percentage sexing rates. We receive extremely healthy and exuberant chicks with excellent breeding for our customers.

Extremely healthy chicks are of the utmost importance to us, as we are all serious animal lovers and very sad to lose any babies. We keep an eye out for “pasty butt,” any droppings stuck to their back fluff and soak it off right away with a warm, slightly soapy washcloth until it dissolves, we do not pull or cut. We always keep an eye out for any weaker ones needing additional parenting. We keep a special brooder in our office for any chick that needs more quiet time, and bring a buddy for company. If they are not thriving, we provide a hospice brooder at Naomi's house until they get strong and pull through or pass on. While rare, each year there are always a few chicks that don’t make it. Any chicks that pass in our care are given names and a proper burial covered with flowers and herbs in Naomi's home garden.

PAYMENT: Must be received to reserve your chicks. During the time of COVID-19, we only take orders by EMAIL and then we call you for payment by credit card over the phone. Breeds are subject to change based on hatch; refunds will be given if that happens and the breed substitution is not one you want.  

PICK-UP INFO: Pre-purchased chicks must be picked up from our shop the day of your scheduled appointment window. We will call you if there is a change in their landing date, although this happens rarely.  We have boxes for you to take them home in and encourage you to have their homes ready to go prior to their pick-up date, though during this time, many of you will be picking up supplies at the time of your chick pick up. We carry a great selection of feeders, waterers, heat lamps, feed and treats to keep your little ones healthy and happy - which we can email you and are working towards having online. (Thanks to Clogs-N-More in Sellwood, for providing 11 years of clog shoe boxes for chicks to travel home in. ๐Ÿ˜Š )

ROOSTER POLICY: Please keep your receipt. If you think you have a rooster, please email us photos, along with the breed and your receipt information. We will work with you to identify whether it’s a roo or not. There are many times our customers are pleasantly surprised to find their bossy, slightly aggressive, larger waddled and/or quick-to-develop chick is actually a hen and not a rooster! If it is a rooster, we will credit the price of your chick. Some people make a cute Craigslist ad, and we also may be able to connect you with places you can drop them off. Please do not bring your potential rooster to the store.

If you live in a county with livestock restrictions and are interested in zoning information, below are links. Our primary concern here at Naomi’s is finding our chicks loving homes, and whether you have or need a permit for your chicken family is up to your discretion…


March 4th ๐Ÿ’• Landing Wednesday 3/4 or Tuesday. We'll mark each breed here as they sell out.
March 18th + DUCKLINGS - ๐Ÿ’• ❤️COVID-19 Update above, link to full details here on Sunday 3/15. Landing Wednesday 3/18 or Tuesday 3/17. We'll mark each breed here as they sell out.
April 1st๐Ÿ’•  Landing Wednesday 4/1. We'll mark each breed here as they sell out.
April 17th ๐Ÿ’• Landing Friday 4/17. We'll mark each breed here as they sell out.
April 29th ๐Ÿ’• Landing Wednesday 4/29. We'll mark each breed here as they sell out.
May 13th + DUCKLINGS ๐Ÿ’• Landing Wednesday 5/13. We'll mark each breed here as they sell out.
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