"Look who is a bigger goat now!" - Binga
"Optical Illuuusions!" - Oona

Naomi's Organic Farm Supply is ever so gaily and gayly owned and operated by Naomi, along with a fabulous team of humans, bunnies and goats, since 2009.

Our goal is to provide as many organic, locally and regionally sourced options as possible.  We do not carry synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, nor potting soils that contain them.  

We provide organic soil amendments, fertilizers, compost, potting soils, animal feed, bedding, seeds, tools and books to supply both urban and rural farmers, gardeners, and landscapers.  

We carry multiple organic feed options and one non-organic layer feed, from both larger and smaller OR & WA mills.   We are committed to carrying only non-GMO cover crop, specializing in organic, along with organic herb, flower and vegetable seeds, the majority of which are grown in our region. We source organic plants whenever possible, including all vegetable and herb starts.  Non-edible and perennial plants are radically less available
organically from nurseries, mainly with the use of synthetic fertilizer.  Naomi carried only organic plants the first year and got a strong message from y'all that fruit, natives and flowers were strongly desired from the best places we can find, with you growing them on organically at home.  We only use certified organic fertilizer in caring for them once they come to our shop and do not use any herbicides, nor pesticides on them and we use certified organic potting soil when potting them up.  We're always happy to talk with you about any questions.

Our desire is to serve as a hub of products, information and networking for those of you who care about dirt, plants, and animals.We appreciate your ideas, questions & knowledge!  Read more about our adventures on our PRESS page and find fun videos, too.

We use OMRI and WSDA's Generic and Branded Material Lists to help identify any products that, while great for most, might not be useable by a certified organic grower. Products that are certified for organic use are marked with an O on our Product List, products that must be verified for organic use with your certifier are marked with an (O)It is always best practice to confirm all materials you will be using with your certifier first.  Crop and Livestock guidelines and interpretations of NOP, National Organics Program, can vary and change.  Working farm, landscaper and full pallet pricing available, please contact us. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and an equal enjoyer of all of you fabulous people who come visit us. We believe everyone should be appreciated! We strongly support equal marriage rights and are a rainbow of gay, straighties and bi peeps and surrounded by a marvelous rainbow of uniqueness of all of you.  Thank you for signing - The "Oregon Says I Do" campaign.  In May of 2014 - signatures surpassed what was needed and won through court = MARRIAGE EQUALITY !!!

Team photo this spring 2016
 *** 6/4/2016 - It has been very full and busy (thank you!!!) since we moved and opened at the new shop space on December 1st, 2015.  Thank you for following us and everyone new that's discovered us.  I have not updated our employee team section here for a long time.  My mom, Mary, passed on December 9th, 2015, two years after being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and being incredibly positive, loving and fierce, running multiple half marathons during treatment.  Our team of amazing people at the shop has grown and includes (me) Naomi, Becca, Katie, Rachel, Gwen, Suus, Susan, Sarah H, Sarah B, Jasper, Zoe, Amy, Crystal, Adam, our bookkeepers Kellee B and Carissa W, accountant Emily K of MATH, builder Frances of Baba Yaga Builders and awesome help from my fiancee Shawn and my dad Eric.  I'll add photos of everyone and more here soon. ***

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Mamo and Naomi after running a marathon together
Naomi Montacre, named for her grandma Jewell Naomi Bass, squirreled away her money for 5 years, working a number of unique jobs in NY (bombarding neon...), with the goal to farm and try to buy land. She got to farm on leased land in Helvetia as 2 Donkeys Farm, until she broke her foot working for another farm and within two weeks found a sitting down job managing an ag supplier in Portland.  At the time that felt very sad, but out of that came this shop and knowing all of you, so it was awesome!
Naomi & Mamo at home
in their garden

Naomi, Binga & Mamo with the
women of Japanese magazine ku:nel
 The farm land savings became the seed money to start the shop and be completely self-funded. She is very grateful to have a space to bring a community of people and agriculture ideas together and grow plants!  She is a life-long vegetarian who loves to get her hands in the dirt with plants, practices yoga & dance daily at home by the goats, is Mamo's marathon training buddy, loves hiking with the goats!, making vegetabliscious green smoothies, drinking tea, biking, making delicious brunches and going on adventures with her girlfriend Shawn.  She is happiest when surrounded by plants, bees, chickens, ducks, goats and you.

Nerdiness dept = Naomi loves teaching workshops and learning from others.  She is a trained Master Gardener with Organic Gardening Certification, (OGCP), and has taught workshops for Oregon Tilth, OSU Master Gardeners' Organic section, OGCP Courses, WSU Small Farms, PCC, Portland's Urban Growth Bounty Series, classes at our shop and for many local garden groups.       

Mary and Kate with Baby Chicks
Mary Fosgard - is Naomi's mom a.k.a Mamo!  Often up in the office, being an elf extraordinaire, kindly taking over a number of Naomi's office tasks, along with answering your calls, emails and working in the shop. Lives with her husband Eric,next to
Marathon Mamo rockin' the broadfork!
  Naomi on the same half acre property in the Ardenwald neighborhood & often run to or from work together with Poppy and sometimes Binga. Retired after 21 years of teaching first grade and Kindergarten, she was excited to move from Wisconsin to Oregon in 2008. She began working part and then full time, back to part with Naomi and can't quite be considered "retired" anymore, (thanks mom!). She is owned by a loving cats Kennie Pepper, and Fizz Gig from our old shop (Pi' Cat's daughter) and dog Poppy. She is the resident Worm Bin Queen at home, has taken Oregon Tilth's Comprehensive Organic Gardening Course and loves gardening in this milder climate. She is a vegetarian and makes the best green smoothies, foraging with Naomi in the garden and the wild for ingredients... And, yes, she honestly is Naomi's mom, and contrary to what some of you so sweetly exclaim, we're both older than you think... yeehaw!

Adam Marx - He has been with us since early 2012 and helped save a lot of plants in 2011 facing the Tyranosaurus Les demolition. He is with us full time and as we are growing, he is transitioning more into a full on Office Elf upstairs and will be down on the floor less, but wants to see all of you, so catch him Fridays in the shop and other times...  He's also newly part owner/farmer of Blue House Green House Farm, where he has volunteered for years!  (his cat Lucy Boobha, wrote the rest of his bio....) He is nice, and also pretty.  He comes from a proud lineage of tuna fishermen. His father and brother have both won the coveted Nebraska Tunamen's Contest, and although Adam has not yet won that prestigious award, he is a licensed ninja, a finalist in the Mr. Bald Universe pageant, a five-time winner of the World's Strongest Mustache competition, and Baby of the Year in 1971 and 1992. He loves bees, funk, books, one cat (singular.. ahem), making up absurd stories, and plants, except for passionflowers, which he thinks are trying too hard, and cauliflowers, which he thinks aren't trying hard enough...

Becca More - works at the shop full time and is super awesome.  She previously worked with a Portland plant boutique for over six years and a number of neat plant nurseries and is a very steady volunteer for her neighborhood library.  She is a vegetarian and serious animal lover, who has spent time researching the best rooster 'disposing' practices to source a new hatchery for us.  We are working together to continue honing our inventory to carry the most sturdy and excellent items, by the best makers we can.  Becca loves plants, her cats, yoga and hiking and has worked as a baker, too.  We are thrilled to be working with her!

Ryan Gray - With us full time and also works with Friends of Family Farmers.  More about his fabulousness very soon.

Katie Boeh - With us full time and is also Fox and Bear Urban Farm!

Nellie McAdams - Working with us part time, she has worked with Friends of Family Farmers and has a family farm in Gaston with her parents!

Mike Cronin - a weekend rockstar, we snagged him as 2015's February Summer threatened to eat us alive...  We're all good now.  He also works with Meriwether's Skyline Farm!

Carissa Wolfe of Karova Farm Services -  Raw milk dairywoman + brilliant bookkeeper + honest, kind and super smart. She is the foundation of having excellent relationships with our vendors and smooth finances amidst the energy of our growing shop. She was farming in Oregon City (with their lovely milker Opal) and now she and her partner Karyn are dairy farming in Australia, owners and operators of Benmar Farm, and she is still the master brain of our books from down under.

Kellee Boyer of Blackthorn Bookkeeping and Farm Services - Kellee works with Carissa and takes care of our bi-monthly in person bookkeeping and payroll tasks for us.  She is kind, super smart and very diligent.  She is also a farmer who has worked with 47th Avenue Farm and other great area farms.  Kellee rocks!

coming home at two months
Bringing funny parts of wedding vows
to grammy and gramp'as wedding

Oona Bee Riot and Binga Von FlairNaomi's furry little ladies.   Her work perk is getting to bring them to work.  
Naomi & Tim taking a hand stand break while receiving a plant order at the old shop when we were on SE 26th & Schiller