Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Hazardous air + supply staying steady

Never imagined how much we'd be dreaming of heavy winter rains at this time of late summer!💙🌧💙

We have been able to be open to fill your emailed orders, except this past Sunday when AQI tipped 'Beyond Index'...! and we were only able to get out some urgent animal feed in the morning. 

We are focusing on animal feed and supplies first each day and have also been able to help with garden and farm supplies, Epsom salts, seed garlic and shallots, plants, cover crop seed and other goods. We got 5 tons of the our organic 5-Way cover crop mix in yesterday and a lot has headed right back out to vineyards and veggie farmers, with plenty for your gardens, too.

We will email you back asap to let you know if we can help you the same day, next day or if we're needing to close early (or have already) as we continue to navigate this air. Outdoor plant shopping appointments back when the air is better, happy to put you on a tentative day or general list to contact, just email us.

We hope you and your animals are all staying as safe as possible!