Thursday, April 9, 2020


Hi there! Thank you for wanting to order from us! ❤️

Please READ these ESSENTIAL points:

We are closed Tuesday and Wednesday for team health, organization, re-stocking, plant care and long term sustainability.

This means that our email is closed on Tuesday & Wednesday!  

Emails for new orders will be deleted between 5pm on Mondays until emails re-open at 8am on Thursdays.

This structure is intended to continually provide a better flow of service. This is all new for us, too, so thank you in advance for your understanding as we continue to work diligently to fulfill everyone's orders.  

 - All orders are being processed by EMAIL. Please do not call us. We need our phone lines clear so that we 
can call you for payment. Our ringers and voicemail are off.

 - Include your PHONE NUMBER - We only reply to emails with a number. If you email us and then realize you 
forgot to include it, simply REPLY TO YOUR ORIGINAL EMAIL with your phone number. 
(staying within your email thread is really helpful)

 - Answer ANY incoming phone calls so you do not miss us, including blocked calls and other area codes, as we 
sometimes use our cell phones. We have to call you for payment.

 - Due to the high volume of orders coming in daily and the time intensive processing of orders we are unable to 
answer questions via email, but can quickly by phone as we talk through what you'd like to buy as we do a virtual shopping trip for you. 

 - Product Info / Order Sheets - In progress! We are working to provide information about our inventory and pricing on our website. If you have questions that are not answered in our future links we will do our best to address those 
quickly over the phone, too. 

 - Your order is complete once you have paid over the phone & at that time we will provide instructions for a 
scheduled, safe and easy, contactless pick-up. (We are unable to offer delivery services at this time.) 

 - If you need to respond to us via email, please respond in your original email thread. We need to keep your 
orders and information in one place so that we can get you everything you need and remain efficient as a shop. 

 - If you have a farm or landscape account, in the subject line please write the word ”Account” followed by your 
account/ business name, ie. - Re: Account - Pancake & Binga’s Farm

- We happily take tiny orders, but if you have friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc and can go in on one of you making a large order for the group, that is AWESOME - with one of you emailing us, paying and picking up for the group and in your email - Re: Group - Binga Von Flair (name of the one handling it in the subject line)

 - Keep an eye on our website for updates - 

Thank you and we appreciate each of you so very much!
❤️ Naomi and my incredibly badass team

PS. We adore and miss you! 🐐🐐Pancakes & Binga + 🐰🐰Cinnabun and Dash are also working remotely from 
home organizing your orders every day, while munching an amazing array of greens🌈

PPS. E-Commerce / Online Shopping Cart - We have an awesome, custom and very intricate computer system that 
is amazing for handling our many thousands of inventory items, and so many other cool functions we need. It is 
perfect for in-person shopping, but it is a very complex project to connect it with e-commerce at the height of our 
busiest time of year and not potentially create a wild array of issues that could prevent us from supplying you. So! 
We will keep exploring this, while evolving our lo fi, labor intensive, but functional systems. For the long haul this is 
likely to be, we know that e-commerce will be essential to our shop surviving.