Thursday, March 26, 2020

Very steadily still going! 🐣🌈🐐❤️ 🐰🌱 πŸˆπŸ’– πŸΆπŸ¦•πŸ¦„

Hi hiii! It's my 43rd Birthday and my gift to you is a shop update!

We are internally OPEN every day, going very strong and will continue as long as we are legally allowed and as a team, able and willing, emotionally and physically. We will be closed to the public and By Appointment with Emailed Orders & Scheduled Pick Up ONLY, indefinitely.

We are ready for the ever evolving long haul.

We refine our safety protocols each day and sometimes within the day. And we feel endlessly creative about the possibilities to continually make new, more efficient systems over the months ahead. 

We have received your orders, continue to each day (thank you!), sort them throughout each day and have many queues. We still cannot give any timeline updates on non-feed orders. 

We currently have 24 hour or faster turn around for all animal feed and animal supply orders and we still have a lot of feed and animal supply stock still arriving weekly. Chick orders are all good, though nearly sold out, see our BABY CHICKS! page for info.πŸ₯

When we do email you about your order, please email back asap and then we really need you to answer ANY incoming calls so you do not miss us. If you find your goods elsewhere, that is awesome, just email so we take you out of the line and get more quickly to others.

Supply on everything is currently excellent between what we have in stock and can re-order, but we can only legally have a smaller, very concise team in the shop, operating with strict safety procedures each day and this creates a narrow opening for us to get orders out. In other disasters, we would be able to hire more people, bring in those of you who adore us to volunteer and push out an amazing amount of supplies. This is not that time. 

Instead, we lovingly, respectfully treat each other, you and our vendors, as though we are all asymptomatic carriers of this virus and take all proper precautions. We are all learning so many new habits for our daily work procedures and lives and know you are, too.

Please know it is a tender, odd feeling at times, to be part of the people who are going full force and trying to provide vital goods and some sense of 'normalcy,' while most of our town and the globe, is on pause and at home. Be gentle with us.

Your calm, kind patience is the most important thing we can ask for.

❤️Naomi and the team