Thursday, March 19, 2020

Naomi's Organic is currently by Appointment ONLY & prioritizing animal feed

Hello all of you incredibly kind, supportive people!

We are fully staffed and trying very hard to keep up. In order to do so, here is where we are at:

1) Taking care of my staff is my #1 priority and the only way we can keep helping you. More below.*

2) All animal feed and care items are our #2 priority.

3) We are doing Pre-orders by EMAIL only and we will schedule a pick up time with you. 
 - Please do not leave an order by voicemail
 - Put your phone number(s) in your email so we can call you to collect credit card payment by phone & schedule your pick up time and if you are text-able

4) Do not call us. We need all of our phone lines clear so that we can call you for payment. Our ringers are off, we know our voicemail is full and will stay that way, we cannot check them. 

5) When you come to your scheduled pick up time:
 - You will be given a number by phone or email to text that you've arrived and what vehicle you are in. 
 - Please have your trunk open and stay in your vehicle
 - We know you are grateful for us and we are so grateful for you and the absolute friendliest thing we can do is to not talk or interact during this vehicle loading time

6) Getting your garden and farm supplies and all the other items you want and desire to support us is #3, we want this so much for you! but we must prioritize animals first in the hundreds of emails we are receiving each day and hope that over time, we will be able to provide more of these goods. Your general and specific orders are very welcome and organized in queues on our end, we just cannot say how long it will take for us to reply. We do not have an online catalog at this time and will shop "with" each of you as we are able. Our systems evolve as we adapt each day.

Thank you and we appreciate each of you so very much!
Naomi and my incredibly badass team

PS. We adore and miss you! 🐐🐐Pancakes & Binga + 🐰🐰Cinnabun and Dash are also working remotely from home organizing your orders every day🌈

*Those on my team that are physically very healthy, need time to emotionally process, care for themselves and their families. We use strict CDC protocol both for handling any cold symptoms that seem to have no correlation with Covid-19 and also for anyone self-isolating with any possible symptoms - - Testing has not been readily available in our area for those that are sick and at the same time, people test positive while being asymptomatic and with mild symptoms. We are taking every precaution within the shop, which includes staying home if staff feels even the slightest off, having really calm team break times and peaceful lunch schedules, a lot of continued regular proactive disinfecting and sanitizing, wearing gloves and washing in hot soapy water every night, regularly sanitizing cell phones and more. There are varying amounts of us in the shop for all of these reasons and some of us working from home. If someone needs or want to stay home or to go home at any time, for any reason, there will be less of us, but we will keep doing the best we can to supply as many of you as we can each day. We all care about helping you so much and need to stay as calm and supported as possible.❤️❤️❤️