Saturday, March 14, 2020

❤️ Naomi's in the time of Covid-19

Dear Sweet Customers,

Starting Sunday 3/15/20 we will be open as a “Drive Thru” farm supply only. 

Due to Covid-19, our gates will remain closed and our store will only be open to staff, who will be filling your orders by phone, email and also through the fence as we’re able. 
503-517-8551 ❤️

We will take credit card payments only. No cash. You can call and pay by phone in advance of coming whether the day of, further in advance, or when you are in the parking lot. We will shop for you and then put your items outside the fence when you arrive or into an open trunk. 

Our friendly advice will be over the phone and by email and not in person during this time. We will be maintaining 6’ distance from customers in the parking lot and aiming for a no-contact, loading only situation. While this will initially feel odd, it is in fact the most friendly thing we can do, aside from staying home. 

We do carry essential animal feed items and we will continue to stock and provide them for as long as we are safely able. We also know many of you want to plant seeds and vegetable starts, along with many other items that bring you joy. By all means, if you would also like to add other goods to your order, we will put those together for you. As our plant pallets will be staying inside, there may be some items we may not be able to get to, but we will be working hard to stay as stocked: first with feed, and next with the most useful items as we can offer. (If we only carried non-essential items, we would close.)

By keeping our shop closed to the public, we will be able to do deep disinfection along with our sanitizing routines and aim to keep the safest, most controlled environment we can for our team. If at any point there are not enough of us on a given day, we will close for that day, or fully if we must.

We currently have two phone landlines and will be adding more first thing Monday. We will be checking voicemail as frequently as we can from cell phones, and watching for your emails. Our capacity to be an adorably awesome “Drive-Thru” will increase with practice. 

We appreciate you so very much and while we will miss seeing you in person, everyone’s long term health, to any extent we’re each able to help, is the most important priority.

Naomi and the team: Becca, Becky, Bonz, Bren, Crystal, Gin, Jack, Leslie, Mai, Nik, Paola, Rachel, Sienna, Stacey, Susan and Virginia

ps. We'll also likely have parents on our team bringing kiddos to work and have realized we will soon be an Organic Farm Supply & Homeschool going on inside, too ;) - Note on 3/26/20 - We only tried this one day shortly after closing to the public and realized as safe as everyone was being, it was too many of us in the shop