Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Goats & Naomi's Team at Base Camp Brewing Tonight!!

Come visit us at @basecampbrewing tonight with @wilddiversity!!🍻🌈🌮 And pop into our shop to find the poinsettias that look like they were born with glitter freckles-> tiny houseplant friends for you and 15’ tall glamazons in their native habitat in Mexico & Central America! + teeny to tall Norfolk pine sizes, blooming Zygo cactus, narcissus bulbs for indoor or outdoor planting, baskets, wreaths and swaaags, even one with a birdcage on it... tons of outdoor potted conifers. And see you TONIGHT for goat snuggles, food, drink, games and raffles to support @wilddiversity providing a wide variety of indoor and outdoor nature adventures and education for our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community. They’ve also got a Gear Library and there are so many ways to get involved with them beyond this evening. Also, how is it already November 20th...?!😬🙃😍🥳☃️🍁🌲🎉📷 by Becky of Nik, Naomi, Pancakes, Leslie, Binga and by Nik of Virginia and Norfolk Pine of a Respectable Stature