Sunday, August 25, 2019

GARLIC + Gayly in love with late summer!!!

Full of flowers, veggies, herbs and sexy perennials of every kind you can imagine! + Big flower, veg and herb orders landing Tues, Weds and Friday

Certified Organic GARLIC Seed is here! Hardnecks: Music, Chesnok, Elephant, Shandong, Korean Mountain, Metechi, Persian Star and Spanish Roja 🌿 Softnecks: Inchelium Red, Lorz Italian, California Early and Kettle River Giant. Hardnecks make delicious scapes / whistles, are very easy to peel and tend to have stronger flavors and shorter storage life, due to having less leaf wrappers (the magic that makes them peel so quickly). Softnecks tend to have very long storage life to get your pantry into spring (due to all those leaf wrappers protection), can be braided and while generally milder, some have bolder, hotter flavors like hardnecks.