Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Chicks are here! and goaties are in visiting

Our 5th batch of 220 organic Baby Chicks is here and heading out to 65 of you who pre-ordered, plus some extra for those of you still looking to get started or add to your flock! 

These look alike lil’ chipmunks are an Olive Egger, Speckled Sussex & Barnevelder. 

Goaties went to USPS with me and are here working hard... Plus videos of happy chick peeping on our Instagram @naomisorganic to make your ears smile. #itnevergetsold #funnestlifepossible 

📷🎥by Naomi of Leslie, Darin, Sarah B. and 🐥 Availability for this batch and the last 2018 order, landing May 1st is on our Baby Chicks page ðŸŒ· 

Addtl breeds: Easter Egger / Ameraucanas, Dominiques, Salmon Faverolles, Rhode Island Reds, Black Jersey Giants, Black Australorps, White Leghorns and later this week, Cinnamon Queens got in on Thurs 4/19!