Thursday, February 22, 2018

1st Baby Chicks of 2018 are here!

Here early! Landed Thursday 2/22, hatched 2/21💕

We have some extra of each variety available to order in advance, add on or come on in. See our Baby Chick page for breeds and more info. We'll We'll mark each breed there as they sell out.🐣 Also! We've got 10 Olive Egger chicks available! 

Oona and Binga got to pick up 155 baby chicks with me this morning. So much curiosity and the music of the fluffy peepers... See you soon! xox The Thursday Team - Naomi, Becca, Susan, Darin, Leslie and Sarah B.

PS. Everyone who pre-ordered can come early today until 6pm or still pick up tomorrow.