Saturday, May 27, 2017

Open on Memorial Day

If your three day holiday weekend is full of garden & farm time, we're here for any plants and supplies you need. Open normal 10-6, including Monday. 💕

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Heat and Sunshine! (aka winter to summer...)

Goatlers are standing by to "help" you with your plant boxes + pics of scrumptious nursery land!! We're ready for you, the heat and sunshine. More landing tomorrow + meet one of our new team elves, Darin! He farmed with 47th Ave Farm and now farms with The Side Yard Farm & Sweet Delilah Farm and at our shop. Oodles of love and warm weather wishes! Naomi ❤️❤️❤️ #wintertosummer #seportland #bringit #flowersfordays #veggiesforever #bingavonflair #oonabeeriot

Our CEO and CFO, Oona and Binga, enjoying brunch at home before I chauffeured them to work this morning...

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bunny Spa Day at Naomi's on May 7th + PLANTS

Our next Bunny Spa Day is coming up this Sunday from 12 - 3. It tends to be busier early, so coming a bit on the later side may be good. We will have a market tent set up at the back of our building.

We have very ample parking in the back / south side of our shop on weekends and highly encourage you to park there if you are bringing your bunny in.

Volunteers from Rabbit Advocates will be here for Nail Trims & Grooming, including: quick look, light mat removal, scent gland cleaning and gender ID for adult rabbits - $5 donation each. Add-ons: long haired rabbit detangling, fur trimming and de-matting & poopy bottom cleaning - $10 to $15 donation each service.  See this link for more details.

Please bring your rabbit(s) in carrier(s) and bring cash or check for payment.  All donations benefit Rabbit Advocates Medical Fund to assist with spay, neuter and other medical needs.

This is also a great way to learn about adopting, fostering or volunteering with RA and see really cute rabbits.🐰💕🐰

We are also LOADED with plants and supplies. It's that time of year and we are brimming with everything. See you soon!