Saturday, February 18, 2017

First of 2017 veggies, plus crowns and flowers

Our first round of early veggies and herbs are here and will be expanding each week til summer is in full swing! More annual flowers in, too, since we're all craving colorful blooms a little more than usual this year...!!  Check out our varieties of flowers, herbs and vegetable starts here.

Mason Bee cocoons are in, along with different tubes and neat houses. 

First chicks arrive Friday the 24th! 🐥 And "teen" Pullet Days now start at 10am outside, next is on Sunday the 26th. For more information on baby chicks, click here. For pullets, click here.  

Potatoes land later this month. Check out what we'll have in stock this season here.

In stock: Strawberry and rhubarb crowns, horseradish roots, hop rhizomes and  bareroot raspberries. New shipment of books. Plus more daphne, hellebores, evergreen clematis, blueberries and many dreamy perennials.