Thursday, January 12, 2017

OPEN 11-4 Thursday 1/12

Hi there!  We have a small team that made it in this morning, knowing that some of you may have pet food and hen, goat, guinea pig and rabbit feed needs.  Or neighbors seeking coffee, chocolate, tea and treats...😋. We're open 11 - 4 to make sure everyone gets home okay.  Our parking lot has been plowed!(at 2pm) we had over a foot of snow and you can still ski, sled or snow shoe in, but our lot is also a lot more driveable now.  Powell Blvd traffic and the #9 buses are running smoothly.

Please drive and walk with care.

We were closed Wednesday, all of us were snowed in 8 to 12" and hope you had a blast!  Oona and Binga spent the whole day riding little goat sleds up and down the hill by our house and drinking alfalfa hot "cocoa".  (Okay, maybe it was more like a little hike and a lot of snuggling...)  See you soon! 💙💙💙