Friday, October 14, 2016

Naomi's Female Farmer Fridays + new goodies in the shop

Kicking off the first #naomisfemalefarmerfridays with the infectious happiness of Elaine Walker & Kara Gilbert of Vibrant Valley Farm!!💖

I'll be posting images of #womenwhofarm in Oregon & Washington and are customers each Friday (and likely other days, let's be real...😻)

+sign up for the Women in Sustainable Ag Conference, here in Portland 11/30 - 12/2🌱

checking in new cards
Here in the shop, we just doubled our gift card section, we couldn't stop ourselves from so much cuteness.

Oona and Binga, (who clearly hate being chauffered to work) are coming into the office with Naomi most Thursdays to work with Cinnabun and Dash.

We've got a great selection of fabulous new beds for farmers (or cats, dogs and bunnies) from Big Shrimpy.  Our very own farmer and long time shop elf, Katie Boeh of Fox & Bear Urban Farm, may be found cozying up in one of these at the shop at any given time...

💐Certified Organic Flower Bulbs are in! and available at our cost as the farm does not wholesale.  They are the only certified organic flower bulbs grown in the US!💐 

We've still got a great selection of garlic & shallots to plant after this stormy weather passes, including farmer scale quantities on many soft-neck varieties and one of the hard necks.  We also have plenty of cover crop seed if you're looking to still sneak some in and lots of straw, including Organic Straw being back in stock! to mulch with and you can always sow cover crops in February or March, too.  And oodles of perennials to nestle in the ground and be ready for next spring, along with some veggie starts to tuck in and get a jump in the new year.

We've got a pallet of 50# Epsom Salts coming in as hot bath time is definitely here, also available in 5 and 25# sizes.   xox, Naomi (and Binga!)