Friday, August 19, 2016

GARLIC has landed...!

Scott delivering the fabulous wigglers
Garlic is here, with more landing this weekend!  Varieties and descriptions can be found here.  Shallots landing later this month and in mid September.

Red Wiggler Worms are in for you to get your vermiculture on!  I'm so happy to get our worms from Scott & Robin, who let me farm on their land in Helvetia nine years ago. Plus their farm fresh eggs!  They are two of the kindest, inspiringly loving souls. ☺️󾬔󾇋 #worminacaterpillarsuit + Scratch and Peck Feeds hat!󾆻. 

Got to have sweet morning scritches with these two babes.  Nice morning breezes.  We've got fans on, sheets up, bamboo trimmings, cardboard and more for extra shade for our hens and goaties during these hot spells aka tomato-ripen-a-thons!  So grateful for cool mornings and evenings, even if the nightshades and melons disagree.  ; )

Oona Bee Riot
Binga Von Flair