Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pullet Day + Your Fall and Winter Garden!

This Sunday, July 24th, teenage chickens will be for sale at the shop starting at 2pm.

Breeds and more details in our HENS, CHICKS + DUCKS section.

* Photo of Grama Belva at home in the strawberry patch, named for one of Naomi's grandmas.  This Speckled Sussex is our most inquisitive, friendly, thinks she's a person... hen, ever. *

Summer is the time to plan and start your fall and winter plantings!  While our summer crops are ripening, here at the shop we're gearing up for fall plantings.  We have a great selection of seeds from Adaptive Seeds and Uprising Seeds that can be sown now for fall and winter harvesting, along with veggie and herb starts.  Plus so many native flower seeds, plants and cover crop seeds for planting now and this fall.

We also have a large amount of organic seed garlic on order and beautiful flower bulbs to tuck in for spring.