Saturday, June 4, 2016

Staying COOL in this Heat Wave

Binga & Naomi love salad, errryday.
We are open normal hours and have the A/C on in our shop to keep all of you people, bunnies and chicks feeling nice.

Loads of veggies and herbs in stock, just refreshed on Friday.  Blooming annuals and perennials to make it impossible to not smile all the time in your garden.  And as always, oodles of fruiting and native (and fruiting native) plants.

At home, we've all got fans running for our chickens, ducks, bunnies and goats.  Add some shade for your animals by trimming some bamboo, evergreens, shrubs, cut back your hedge  or use bedsheets, tarps, camping gear to create as much shade as you can.

We're also stocked with a great variety of Irrigation Kits, for rows, raised beds and containers.  And lots of excellent, lead-free hoses, made locally in McMinnville for your hand watering needs.

And for all of us plants and critters - Keep Hydrated.  Cooler weather is returning in a few days.

*** Sunday, June 12th is PULLET DAY 1:30/2 'til sold out!! (for breeds of hens offered, please click on our Hens Page!)  &  KNIFE SHARPENING 11-4  ***

🔪✂️🍕  the Second Sunday of each month with @sharpening4u ❤️ Pruners / clippers, scissors, shovels, hoes, pizza wheels, loppers, axes, pocket knives, machetes, rotary mowers, food processors, polaskis, chisels...  He also plays the banjo in between sharpening!