Tuesday, February 2, 2016

We're Hiring!

Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply is Hiring!
We are ready to add a few amazing, fun loving, hard working, gardeny farmy folks to join our team!  This November, we celebrated our six year anniversary, by moving to our new 8,000sq’ shop on SE 34th and Powell.  We’ve doubled our interior and have five times the exterior, on a half-acre.
Us: Naomi, Becca, Ryan, Katie, Rachel and Adam, plus our goat co-workers Oona & Binga and a few other guest stars.  We’re a cute and quirky bunch of farm/garden nerds.  We spend our days helping gardeners, farmers, folks with livestock, landscapers and vineyards - to find the right amendments & fertilizers, cover crop seeds, potting soils, animal feed, seeds, plants, chicken breeds, farm tools, irrigation parts and any other variety of farm necessities. We take pride in being a knowledgeable, hard working, big hearted, team-oriented crew with great respect for all the wonderful people we serve and learn from.
You: A kind, friendly, hard worker with a good sense of humor who enjoys working on a wide variety of tasks daily in a team-oriented environment.  Examples of tasks include: providing excellent customer service and advice, stocking shelves, nursery plant and chick care, loading/unloading 50 to 60+ lb bags and bales, and possibly choreographing dance routines.  Our busiest time of year is upon us, so expect to thrive in a dynamic environment. We all have additional skills we bring to the table and different hats we wear, especially at quieter times of year.  That ranges from carpentry, graphics, sign painting, spreadsheets, planning, product sourcing, cover crop sourcing and development, plant nursery activities, coordinating donations, workshops and farm events.
We have one position for 32 to 40 hours, 4 to 5 days per week, ideally including at least one weekend day, year round.
We are also looking for additional part-time, seasonal help, generally with a set schedule, but on-call team members are also possible. Please email your resume to order@naomisorganic.com or come by the shop!
We are an equal opportunity employer.