Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Garlic, Shallots & Fall Veggies + Pullet Day 9/6

Owly! our Ameraucana teenager
Looking for some fabulous teenage hens that have just started laying or are about to?  Check out this Sunday's breed list and details here.

Organic hardneck and softneck seed garlic and french grey shallots are in and ready for you, along with a gorgeous, very diverse array veggie and perennial herb starts.  Flower bulbs are on their way.  Many cover crop seed varieties in stock for home gardens and farms and more arriving especially for larger farm quantities.

Our first Farmer Cover Crop Price List for fall just went out, email or call if you haven't received it or if you're a working / market farm, landscaper or vineyard.

The weather is still summery and beautiful.  Great for preserving this season's bounty.  Another batch of fermentation crocks is landing soon.

Yay September!  : )