Thursday, June 25, 2015


vuchickens -
Keep your chickens (and rabbits!) cool, they are much more likely to die from heat spells than from cold spells. Panting is a sign they are overheating.
- Make shade: use tarps, sheets, cardboard
- Run a fan(s), moving air is great!!
- Dirt and/or sand dust bath area aka Hen Spa
- Freeze milk jugs for them to sit on
- Frozen bottles, packs in water to keep cool
- Extra waterers: pans, buckets, pet dishes
- Misters, light sprinkler, wetting bedding, walls, ceilings
- Add a vitamin / electrolyte mix to one of the waterers
- Bring cold veggies, fruit, and other chilled treats to mix with their food to make sure they're eating and drinking

- Serious bonus points if you can relax in a hammock and read to your hens
- GOATS!  They usually handle heat a lot better than chickens and rabbits.  They need shade, too and a fan is great.   Many still love hot water even in hot weather, but you can test out cool versus hot and see what they go for, fresh water twice a day is ideal.  Their body temp can range from ~102 to 105.  Some like being cooled off with water and some hate it... so if you try it, go gently and start with legs, working your way up.  To encourage drinking, make sure to have free choice mineral salt available (along with kelp, baking soda and goat minerals) and you can also put an additional water bucket out with a bit of ACV, fruit juice and/or splash of maple syrup.