Thursday, May 28, 2015

Naomi's Goat Tattoo, Gorgeous Plants & Teenage Chickens and Ducklings!

Naomi & Binga Von Flair
If we could be together every moment of the day, we would.  Thanks for making my imagination come true Pony Reinhardt!!  Her art and skill is dreamy. 

We are full of lush, gorgeous edibles, natives and decorative plant treats.

Our next Teenage Chicken Day is Sunday, June 7th at 2pm - see our Hens section for more details.  Breeds will include: Black Australorps, White Australorps, Leghorns, Partridge Rocks, Black Frizzles, possibly Buff Orpingtons + Runner Ducklings!

We also have 5 organic tweens for sale: 1 extremely friendly Rhode Island Red and 4 (quite sane...) Cuckoo Marans who will lay very dark brown eggs when they grow up.  : )