Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Open MONDAYS! + super neat films, workshop and more!

We will be OPEN Mondays starting on April 13th!

* * *    7 days a week, 10am to 6pm    * * *

It's taken us 5 and a 1/2 years to comfortably get here and we are now a team of six full time (Naomi, Adam, Becca, Jon, Ryan and Katie) and one part time year round (Mary, my mom!) and two part time (Nellie and Mike) seasonal people.  We know you've wanted it and we're super excited to be here for you.

Photo Quiz:  Becca and Naomi dancing with the goats?  Or.... could it be the day Naomi lost her keys in the pen all day, only for Jon to nicely find them before we closed and accidentally flicked them into his face with a compost fork, just after Oona was preparing to leave work and had freshly peed on them?  You decide!)

 - - -

Buy your tickets online for 'Out Here' - showing this Thursday, April 2nd!!

With Friends of Family Farmers, we
are co-sponsoring the Portland screening of the film 'Out Here' by the Queer Farmer Film Project on Thursday, April 2nd at the Academy Theater, 7pm - check out their Mid-West & West Coast tour schedule.  Naomi is moderating a panel afterwards with the filmmaker and local farmers and then we're all heading for drinks nearby.   We're also donating tickets to 13 awesome queer farms.  : )  

 - - - 

Occupy the Farm - check out the film screening at the Clinton Street Theater, this Wednesday, April 1st, with special guest speakers for the Q & A talking about threats to farmland by development and larger interests with Nellie McAdams from Friends of Family Farmers (and now working with us, too!) and Amanda Morse from Blue House Green House Farm (which Adam is a farmer partner of!). 

- - - 

Baby Chicks landing Wednesday, April 1st after 12pm!  First babies will head out to those who have pre-ordered them and right now we'll have a great assortment of breeds if you'd like to come on by - calling ahead to pre-order is always you're best bet to reserve your new peepers or pop by to visit.

Naomi will be teaching a Chicken Keeping Workshop at our shop on Thursday, April 16th from 6 to 8pm, all proceeds benefit Growing Gardens, sliding scale - please register online.  : )

- - - 
Becca and Naomi rounding up hundreds of blueberries!
4 sides, jam packed!
Big cover crop seed order landing this week, including organic buckwheat and a new organic pasture mix.  Sooooo many plants in stock and we do have the first round of tomatoes due to your strong demands.  Just remember, it's been unusually WARM (actually HOT sometimes) this winter and very early spring, so if you get tomatoes now, give them some protection right away or prepare to or know you're gettin' wild and rollin' the dice!  We carry floating row cover (aka Reemay, Agribon), along with 4 and 6 mil greenhouse plastic to keep them warm, with happy dry leaves - by the foot and 100' (plastic) to 250' (row cover) roll, along with wire we can custom cut hoops for you and clamps for if your using thicker rods or pvc to make hoops over your beds  Organic seed potaotes, oodles of veggie and herb starts, so many blueberries and other fruit, native and decorative plants.  Plus seed rack is jamming with thousands of exciting packets.
CFO - Binga
CEO - Oona