Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Baby Chicks are here + We're donating 10% to Zenger Farm on 3/20!

The March 18th herd of super cute little peepers is here!

Easter Eggers / Ameraucanas, Cuckoo Marans (very dark brown eggs!), Salmon Faverolles, Speckled Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Black Sex Links (Rhode Island Red Rooster x Barred Rock Hen) 

Many were pre-ordered and have headed home already, so you're welcome to call ahead and see who's available.  Our next organic chicks arrive ~April 1st and the breeds are listed here.

*** Friday, March 20th, we are donating 10% of your purchases to Zenger Farm! ***

Check out all of the places you can eat and shop to support this incredible non-profit farm in SE Portland - Spring for Zenger March 18th - 23rd

Breakfasts Around The Neighborhood!

And make sure to grab a tasty lunch or breakfast at Pine State Biscuits before or after you come by our shop on Friday and check out Thicket in NE for neat outdoor garden decor, both are donating to Zenger on 3/20, too!

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