Saturday, February 21, 2015

February Sunshine

Our shop is bursting with early spring goods during this amazingly mild, sunny winter!
(we know it's a roller coaster...)

Oodles of Blueberries and sooo many other fruit plants!!
Organic Seed Potatoes: All Blue, All Red, Chieftan, German Butterball, Kennebec, Red Norland, Russet Norkotah, Yellow Finn, Yukon Gem

Organic Fingerling Seed Potatoes: French, Red Thumb, Rose Finn Apple and Princess LaRatte

Onion sets: Yellow Rock, Red Wethersfield, White Ebanezer

Strawberry Crowns: Spring - Hood, Chandler & Sequoia / Everbearing - Aromas, Quniault, Seascape

Bare Root Raspberries: Spring - Meeker & Willamette / Everbearing - Amity, Fall Gold, Jewel Black & Heritage

Rhubarb Crowns: Crimson Cherry

Vegetable Starts: the first round of sturdy organic veggies is in!

Seed Packets:  Thousands of organic, regionally grown seeds by small-scale farms in OR & WA

Plus soils, composts, organic fertilizer, sharp tools and all the basics.  : )