Friday, February 27, 2015

Small Farms Conference, Hootenany + 'Out Here' film screening!

Naomi, Shawn & Ryan will be at the OSU Small Farms Conference with a booth this Saturday and are sponsoring the SFC Hootenanny that's happening afterwards and know we'll see many of you there!

Becca, Mary, Adam, Jon & Mike will be at the shop to help you this weekend.  We are in full swing with a fresh stock of blueberries in 1 & 3 gallon sizes, plus huckleberries, lingonberries and so many fruity shrubs, trees and perennials, along with lots of veggie starts for early spring experimenting.  Plus thousands of seed packets, organic seed potatoes, Nootka Rose organic seed garlic, organic onion sets, rhubarb & strawberry crowns and bare root rasp and black berries.  First herd of baby chicks lands this coming week!

With Friends of Family Farmers, we
are co-sponsoring the Portland screening of the film 'Out Here' by the Queer Farmer Film Project on Thursday, April 2nd at the Academy Theater, 7pm - check out their Mid-West & West Coast tour schedule.  Naomi is moderating a panel afterwards with the filmmaker and local farmers and then we're all heading for drinks nearby.  Buy your tickets online and find more info here.  We're also donating tickets to 13 awesome queer farms.  : )