Wednesday, November 26, 2014

* * * * * BIG OL' SALE!!! * * * * *

Save 10 to 25% off at Naomi's 11/28, 29 and 30!

We're OPEN Fri, Sat & Sun 10-6, just closed Thursday. Come on in any time this extended holiday weekend, stock up on supplies + get gifts for your loved ones: sharp super sexy tools, organic fair trade chocolate & coffee, handmade soap, awesome books, plants, jewelry, seed garlic & flower bulbs, feed, wild bird goods, organic fertilizer and so much more.

10% off nearly everything + 25% off all books and plants + $10 off Meadow Creature broadforks

Naomi & Binga got a card from Friends of Family Farmers with the best "Ewe're Hot" sticker. Yes ewe all are! Have a safe, yummy and wonderful time with your friends, families and 
animals!! : )

Extra credit: Please take a quick moment to contact the FDA to support Family Farmer's, info for both eaters and farmers here and aspiring farmers! check out Rogue Farm Corps' FarmsNOW and 
FarmsNEXT programs, here in the Willamette Valley.