Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summery September Garlic & Cover Crop Seed

Binga and Oona have been hang glidin' far and wide to bring you the tastiest varieties of ORGANIC SEED GARLIC!  Chesnok Red, Duganski, Elephant, Metechi, Polish White & Shandong landed, plus many more varieties on the way including: Broadleaf Czech, Early Italian Purple, Inchelium Red, Italian Late, Music, Nootka Rose, Oregon Blue, Purple Glazer, Silver Rose, Siskiyou Purple AND French Grey Shallots!!  (Goats love garlic skins / peels / stalks and little cloves and are highly motivated for human to plant lots...)

Literal tons of cover crop seed in stock, too.  Plus veggie starts for your fall and overwintering garden.  Flower bulbs enroute...  : )

And it's going to be in the mid 90's again.... so stock up on your varieties before they sell out and store in a cool, dark, dry spot until planting around Halloween / Thanskgiving-ish.