Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tool Sharpening, Teenage Chickens & PRIDE

Naomi & Mamo (Mary) at the PRIDE Parade
This Saturday 6/21 from 10 - 3pm we'll have a mobile tool sharpening service at the shop.

Starting at $5 and up, Brian from 1Sharptool Edge Service can sharpen your: kitchen knives, garden pruners, shears, shovels, hoes, machetes, loppers and much more.

Pullet day is coming up again on Sunday 6/29 from 2 - 4pm, come on by for teenage chickens and sometimes ducks, too!  

Breeds this month = Silver Laced Wyandottes, Gold Laced Wyandottes, White Rocks, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Gold / Red / Black Sex-links and some other breeds + possibly some bantams, too! 

Lily holding Minnie
First come first serve, check in at the register and we will give you a number. All sales are directly through the breeder(s) and cash only.

Gorgeous plants, along with seeds for your summer succession planting and fall & winter garden are here for you with smiles.

I reeaallly love my mom. The luck is so very mutual.