Friday, May 9, 2014

Yes we are open on Mother's Day : )

Oona, Naomi & Binga with coffee!
Bring your momma on by to visit the goats and stroll around for plants and goodies.  Or come by in advance to pick up some treats for her: sharp tools, gorgeous flowers, handmade soaps, raw honey, yummy chocolates, jewelry, books and perhaps, as she is indeed the goddess of fertility that got you here... some organic fertilizer!  ; )

it's "Button Up Friday" and hardworking goats deserve good coffee from their own barista, right? Binga and Oona are thrilled that Equal Exchange just sent them their very own bag of 'Organic Mind Body and Soul' (decaf), aww yeah... they also adore the Love Buzz (cafeens!) that we carry for you humans in the shop. thanks Shawn & Jennifer! xoxox

(+ tonight they move into their new and improved sleeping pen at home with it's own 'goat door', right next to naomi's bed, so today is a REALLY good goatler day)