Saturday, May 24, 2014

till-ariousness + EQUALITY in Oregon!

it is till-arious around here!

we  Meadow Creature LLC Broadforks! hand-built on Vashon Island, guaranteed for a lifetime of fun: tilling your beds, diggin' out blackberries and trees, removing sod and prying boulders. that's hot. come and get 'em.

LOVE wins !!! Oregon now has marriage equality after a federal judge ruled that the ban voted on previously is unconstitutional. Thank you to all of you who signed the petition at our shop over the past year, in case it needed to go to a vote again. But it doesn't, so AWESOME! xoxox
and thanks to Oregon United for Marriage for all of the hours, strength and love put in!!

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Deb said...

Just loaded up for weekend of more planting. Place looks GREAT and the spirit of Summer to come is in Full Force- Better get there before I return and buy Naomi out of all her pretty plants.

Love- Deb & Brenna