Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stock Tank Party Times!

Bamboo, Tomatoes, Nerds... you can grow anything in these galvanized stock tanks! 

or add hot water to your Nerds instead of dirt = Hot Tub party times!

7 size options: 2'w x 2'h by 3', 4', 5' or 6' long and 2'w x 3'h by 6' or 10' long, prices from $90 to $270 : ) 

Ooo! plus bareroot 'Compact Stella' Cherry trees are in, currently 8' tall and growing only 10 - 12' tall and self-fertile + bareroot Persimmon trees.... and we picked up another round of natives, blueberries, a wide range of fruit, flowers and more.  They were double stacked in the box truck.  We offloaded all of them to organize, put 50% out at the shop, 50% back in the truck to go to our 'Speakeasy' plant overflow space off site and the truck then looked like we hadn't unpacked anything.  It is a clown car box truck, amazing optical illusion like capacity. Ppplllllaaaannnntttssss, we love them!