Sunday, April 20, 2014

Open on Easter Bunny Sunday + Chauffeuring Goats

Happy Easter Bunny Day! 

the shop is open, the sun is shining and the warmmmth is back. ran the Hop Hop 1/2 Marathon with my folks yesterday in rainbow tutu, polka dots and furry ears. my mom is AWESOME! she starts the lower chemo dose tomorrow through early july and our running & fun times continue. have a gorgeous spring Sunday, thanks for being so neat!!

+ Orchard Mason Bee Cocoons 50% off
+ Organic Baby Chicks peeping
+ Oodles of Seeds and Plants 
+ Farm Fresh Organic Eggs

Binga & Oona love riding to and from work.  Usually in the front seat, but sometimes snuggling in the back...

Their main days at the shop now are Fri, Sat & Sun, as they stay home days I run to work.  They have a LOT to say about how they'd love to be here every day with us.  Lots of goat hikeen adventures coming up as it keeps getting warmer and drier, great to get out on trails!  : )