Friday, April 11, 2014

it's so sunny, you want to get blue

Naomi and Becca picked up a giant stash of FRUITY plants for you today + natives and flowering vines. 

150 Blueberries - in 4", 1 & 3, Figs, Lemon and Lime trees blooming and bearing, Evergreen Huckleberries, Star Jasmine, Passionflowers, Honeyberries, Olives, Jostaberries, Honeysuckle, Raspberries.... YUM

Early tomatoes are in for those with greenhouses or potting up in protected areas and so many veggies, herbs, flowers  + seeds = plenty of time for starting nearly everything.

From Uprising Seeds on 4/9: Do you know any of those people who sow everything SO early they get you all stressed that you are behind the ball? I hear so many people say its getting too late to sow peas this time of year, that they need to be sown in Feb or March. You may live someplace hotter, but up here in NW Washington where summers are cool, we haven't sown ours yet... just sayin. (and ours have to go all the way to dry seed). We will soon enough. Probably this week in fact. But some years we haven't sown them until early May, and you know what? we still ate lots of peas those years. Get them in soon if you can, in fact this sunny stretch we're having is a perfect time to sow them, but don't stress it if you don't get to it just yet. People who say things like "Its too late" aren't very helpful. They're wrong. You can tell them we said so.

Yay for very happy bees pollinating at our blueberry grower's farm  : )