Sunday, February 9, 2014

ICE = Closed on Sunday 2/9 (games, puzzles, hot drinks!)

Many of you received an a Portland wide alert on your phones this morning to stay off the roads today.  The thawing, freezing and potential for more freezing rain, very dangerous falling tree limbs, possible power outages = stay cozy and warm inside, read, play games, eat delicious food.  OPEN again Tuesday, when we'll be back in the balmy 40's.

Got in a long, super fun snowy run on the Springwater trail and the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge trails in the freezing rain Saturday night, but while the snow was still crunchy enough, it was a blast.  It's been so fun to see and meet so many neighbors out walking together, cross country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, running and snowboarding around.  Slowing down, smiling, having good times.

Check out these tips to help the wild birds around your home during this weather and tips about our year round Anna's Hummingbirds.  On the coldest day, I was home and heated up my hb feeder, 5 times and the male would just sit on a suet feeder a couple feet away, waiting for me to bring it back out.  The sparrows and juncos love the straw of the goat pen and I throw extra seeds on the ground for them (when the goats are in).