Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Seeds are in !!!

Kate and Becca with three heavy boxes filled
with Uprising Seed packets 
Horizon Herb seeds are in!

Uprising Seeds are here! scheduled to land this Friday - We ordered over 3,500 packets for our initial order in late December and the Uprising folks have been working really hard to packet up, super grateful - M E O W !!!  Kate, Becca and Naomi checking them in and organizing them on the rack for you.

Adaptive and Siskiyou seeds in progress.  Many gorgeous tools.  The tides have changed.

Adam, Wendy!, Becca, Naomi, Oona and Kate
"There's an owl in that hole."
"What hole?"
"The one full of owl."
(thank you  for this incredible photo Andrea H. & C.L. !)

Organic potatoes are on order to land mid to late February, second order booked for mid March and more after that.

Organic asparagus crowns on order for mid April, pre-orders welcome.    Yaaaaaay!!!

If you're reading this, you know you're one of the special ones who smell that winter is over, if only in our minds...... Roller-coaster of weather ahead as always, but nothin' stoppin each day from getting longer and longer.. ahhh...