Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Goatsmas and Solstice!

Oona and Binga wish you a Merrrryy Gooatttsmas!  They want to tell you about the Yule Goat, an ancient Scandinavian tradition they adore.

Yule was a celebration of the Winter Solstice, and it was believed that Thor's chariot was pulled through the sky by two GOATS.  Yes!!  

Binga: "I am the Lady Yule Goat!"
When Christianity arrived, the Yule Goat became a symbol of both Christmas & Solstice--and involved some degree of kids playing pranks...  (goats and peoples!)  Then the Yule Goat showed up as an invisible critter, supervising Christmas preparations.  Wow!  The current representation of the Yule Goat is often a bundle of straw shaped with red ribbons to look like a goat.

From our goats and all of us, we wish you the happiest of celebrations and family times full of love and fun!

Our winter hours are in the column to your left.  We are stocked to the brim with feed, tools (new hand-forged Dutch gems), books, honey, chocolate, cards, moon calendars, seeds, suet and bird feeders, fun sedums, succulents & cacti, and much more.  We are tinkering and re-modeling over the winter (you'll be entertained, elves at work!), fully staffed and here for you with smiles.  Yay for the ever lengthening days.  : )