Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spooktacular Pullet Day & Organic Flower Bulbs

More garlic just landed: Softnecks = Czech Broadleaf & Silver Rose and Hardneck = Purple Glazer, yum.  Over 500#s + have flown through already.

Our last pullet day of the year will be Spooooktacular this Sunday, Oct. 27th from 11 - 1pm, see our HENS, CHICK & DUCKS section for more details.

We have a beautiful rainbow of Organic Flower Bulbs in the shop along with some non-organic Paperwhites and flowering allium bulbs. Lots of great plants in stock, too.  And we still have some great late season cover crops, including a really nice OG Mix of Hairy Vetch & Annual Ryegrass.  Mulchitude = Lots of straw, cedar toe, doug fir, compost and hazelnut shells to get your beds and pathways tucked in for the coming rains.  In the meantime, yaaaay sunshine and warmth and this bit of dry time to prepare for winter.  : )

Oona is checking out my new tattoo for Mamo. Video of me surprising her this morning! by pretending I had packages for her to take to the post office, hee hee... got it in honor of her & the green smoothies we make together every day from the fruits, kale, collards, sorrel and many other veggies in our garden. Thanks to Tyler Adams of Grizzly Tattoo His shop is half a block from our old house in NE where my mom first moved out to Portland to live with us at and since she is Mamo Von Fuzz Bear, a grizzly tattoo spot was the place to be...