Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Organic Garlic, Cover Crops & Fall Workshops + JAPAN

Certified Organic Seed Garlic is in!
Music, Purple Glazer, Duganski, Rosewood, Romanian Red, Silver Rose, Nootka Rose, Oregon Blue, Shandong, German White and Elephant
Descriptions and more info here.

Pallets of Cover Crop along with home garden sizes, are ready for you, full list here.  We have two exciting new mixes this year, a 'Sod Bustin' Soil Fluffer' putting deep roots down to loosen and condition your clay soil while adding fertility and a 'Nitrogen Fixin' Soil Lover' that is high in fertility and easy to incorporate in the spring.  Grow your own fertility and tilth!

Fun Workshops coming up with Naomi on Keeping a Small Herd of Goats, Cover Crops, Fruity Flowering Hedgerows, Growing Garlic that will keep all the vampires at bay and Goat Hedgerows to grow and forage for your herd - find information about them all here.  See you soon!

and JAPAN!

Hi Naomi's!

We're a former SE Portland, Naomi's lovin' couple who have recently relocated to Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan... Last night, some Japanese friends of ours gave us a copy of ku:nel magazine with a big article on Portland. They joked that we probably knew all the people in the pictures and we were like "Yeah, har har,"----but then we opened up the spread and about died laughing to see that we actually did recognize Naomi from the first picture!! It really delighted us to unexpectedly see a familiar face from Portland all the way over here, and sparked a great conversation about our old garden, Portland, and its fine inhabitants like the folks at Naomi's. Just wanted to share that story with you!

Hope everything in Portland is great,

Ellen + Bennett

- - - - - - - - - 

Thanks to Fumi Toda for interviewing us for her article in ku:nel and loving our teeny home, little furry goats, green smoothies and big fruity gardens! (and Sakiko for connecting us!)