Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More teenage hens & ducks! + Marriage Equality

Binga (goatie says sign here please), Naomi, Kate, Wendy Davis and Adam invite you to come on in to sign the Oregon United for Marriage petition.  140+ signatures ready to turn in this week! Kate is our new Friday superstar, she also works at New Urban H.S. as the Program Coordinator of after school programs and community outreach. You'll also be meeting Becca and Tim, who we are grateful to have working with us now, too. : )

By extremely popular demand, we'll be having another  
Pullet Day on Sunday, September 22nd from 12 to 2pm.
It is first come, first serve - check in at the register and we will give you a number.  Call the week in advance and we may be able to help arrange birds for you in advance, particularly if you're interested in ducks.  More info on Pullet Day here.

Hundreds of pounds o' certified organic seed garlic and thousands of pounds o' certified organic cover crop seed.  New garlic variety just landed: Broadleaf Czech Softneck, along with more Oregon Blue. Garlic descriptions here, we currently have 12 excellent varieties in stock.  : )