Saturday, June 29, 2013

We are HOT in Defense of Marriage! + Feasts Full of Aphids

Our first summer heat wave is here, going up into the high 90's...? and thankfully cooling down each night.

Time to keep ourselves and animals cool, though goats still prefer chomping salt and drinking nice hot water, we all love shade and fans.  Improvise if shade is not naturally available for livestock.  Imagine you're making a shady heat wave fort = sheets, cardboard, tarps, reed fencing, towels and plan future deciduous plantings, hops, grapes, sunflowers and so many more fun plants.  Run a fan if you can, especially if you see any panting chickens or goats.  More animals die from heat waves in our climate than from the cold spells. 


Human Rights Campaign
EQUAL Marriage RIGHTS! let's go all the way America!

'bout time to Defend Marriage by providing Equal Government Rights and ending discrimination. So happy to see the repeal of DOMA and Prop 8. We look forward to marriage being a federal and not state-by-state right if possible, though we support Basic Rights Oregon!  Voting on civil rights for the minority... is questionable. Imagine 'Interracial Marriage' not being legal in the majority of states... and can you even imagine that being illegal anywhere now? We all move around this great nation for work, love, adventure, family, so being married in one state like Chris and Brendan are in CT, but not in OR? Ergghh!!
Separation of Church and State. Simple. There is no Government / State nor Federal rational for this denial of Equal Government Rights and Benefits. But we're getting so much closer. We're all a part of this rainbow, much love!
(photo Naomi, Adam and Brendan)

Hungry Ladybug Larvae
 Moving over to insect love: Got aphids? Yes squish and hose some off your edibles, but make sure to leave meals for your wee, ever so mighty Ladybug Larvae to feast on, YUM!
And plant flowers for your beneficial insects + let herbs and veggies go to flower: cilantro, yarrow, buckwheat, clovers, cosmos, fennel, sweet alyssum, mints, Queen Anne's lace, hairy vetch, peas, parsley, dill, sunflowers and so many more. Watch for Green Lacewings, too and a rainbow of Pollinators.
More on why to attract them naturally from OSU.
Thanks to Your backyard farmer and The Urban Farm Center for the great photos!

And to really understand why we need to worry less about aphids, particularly on ornamental trees... in big box parking lots and anywhere else... please read this by the Xerces Society:  Pesticide Causes Largest Mass Bumble Bee Death on Record, where over 50,000 bumble bees are have estimated to have been poisoned to death in Wilsonville in a Target parking lot.  All of the trees have been covered with a fine netting to keep bees out.
We have oodles of beautiful flowers, herbs, natives, fruities, and veggies for you and of course, tomato cages in a rainbow of options in 42" and 52" round and a great selection of square cages and trellises, too along with supplies for 'Florida Weave' and running them up bamboo (lots of other cool veg on bamboo trellises at that link and some people also train them to run high on a single leader) - we have 6', 8', 10' and taller Oregon bamboo poles we grow, available at the shop. 

Laser Cat, thinning seedlings at Wild Garden Seed
Your hot season crops are in and some of you are still planting summer crops and successions in your nice warm soil with quick germination and an eye on days to harvest.  It's a great time to begin planning and planting for fall, early winter and over wintering crops. Check out this excellent chart / guide by Andrew Still of Adaptive Seeds and Nick Routledge, both of The Seed Ambassadors Project - planting dates and loads of great info.

Remember each year is a unique weather roller coaster, so experiment, keep records and be up for the adventure.  Last year summer went so long that many summer crops were going very strong and fall crops were ready early.  Eggplant & Rutabaga Moussaka anyone?

Other timing resources are Seattle Tilth's Maritime Northwest Garden Guide, Seattle author Bill Thorness' Cool Season Gardener (and check out his blog), along with the Eliot Coleman books - Four Season Harvest and The Winter Harvest Handbook.  All available at the shop and speaking of books...

BOOK SALE 25% Off!
Come on in this weekend for summer reading material.  On Saturday July 6th and Sunday 7th and say "Marriage Equality" or whatever you'd like to show your support when you check out and get 25% off your book(s).  Hundreds of great titles in stock for you.

Their mill has been certified Non-GMO and is now fully Certified Organic, too.  They found the last piece of the puzzle, Camelina Meal that is not only regional and non-gmo, but also certified organic and now all of their feeds are.  They work directly with farmers in Washington and Oregon, who grow grain for them, including one powered by draft horses...!!  We stock a large selection of their feed and can bring in any item or quantity you'd like by pre-order each week.  We also wholesale to other stores.

What is this 'Canola' talk all about?  We live in what is considered by many to be one of the top three vegetable seed aka 'Specialty Seed' growing places in the world.  Read farmer Frank Morton's writing on why gmo canola would be a nightmare, here.  And more here on why it is vital to our farmers and our need to eat food. 

News just in from Adaptive Seeds & Friends of Family Farmers - HB 2427 has passed the Oregon State Senate!  "Hooray! Big 'ole THANK YOU to everyone who has worked the last year & a half working to make this happen. Your phone calls, emails & Salem visits worked! We did it!"AS
(photo of the Wild Garden Seed crew)

"HB 2427, the bill to ban commercial production of canola in the Willamette Valley until 2019, has just passed the Oregon Senate 18-12! Now, on to the Governor's desk for this bill to become a law! Thank you everyone for your efforts these past many months in helping pass this legislation to protect the specialty seed, organic and clover industries from the spread of canola into the Willamette Valley. This bill overturns ODA's controversial February 2013 canola rule, which would allow 25,000 acres of canola into the world class Willamette Valley Protected District over the next decade." FoFF
Article on the ruling in the Corvallis Gazette-Times

InFARMation on July 9th about Bees and the Hollywood Theater Eco Film Festival is showing More Than Honey on July 11th.