Thursday, May 30, 2013

sunshine's return + Mother Earth News Fair

the sun is coming back out!  Farmer Ceri of Nos Suenos Farm prepping hoophouse beds with her Meadow Creature Broadfork! 

Naomi & Neil will be in Puyallup, WA this weekend for the Mother Earth News Fair, our booth is next to the fabulous Bee Thinking, there is an incredible lineup of speakers and workshops. And if you're in Washington, we're bringing our big box truck and may be able to bring a specific order if you call soon and we'll also have a really wide range of supplies for sale at our booth.

This weekend, Adam, Chris, Carissa and Mary will be at the shop to help you, stocked full of plants, seeds, baby chicks, feed and soil amendments. The goatlers will be at home roaming their timber bambooz and back next week Thursday through Sunday, hard at work napping in the sun and awaiting your visit.