Friday, March 29, 2013

We are OPEN March 30th & 31st

we may have summer fever when we see you... but we will be here!  : )
(yes, it could still snow, it will rain, but right now it's so much fun, viva la garden!  reading and movies later)

Plants: many gorgeous and yummy charmers available, fruit trees, flowers, berries, ooo. la. laaaa.

Peepers: as of 6pm 3/31... Chicks = 2 silver laced wyandottes, 2 buff orpingtons, 1 black sex-link and ducklings sold out until April & may. next Friday 4/5 Ameraucanas / Easter Eggers

Tomatoes: if you have a greenhouse or the like, the first round of tomatoes are available by pre-order for the coming weekend April 6th & 7th - call or email your order - Sungold, Black Cherry, Vorlon, Cosmonaut Volkov, Valencia, Amish Paste, Principe Borghese, San Marzano

Potatoes: here as of Thurs 4/4! (next batch landing later this coming week), includes 80#s Carola, 80#s Red Norland, 50#s Caribe, 50#s German Butterball, 50#s Yukon Gold, 30#s Purple Majesty + 25#s Red Thumb Fingerlings and 25#s French Fingerlings