Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Spring Prep.... muah ha haa!

Adam with new book titles
New books flowing in and we've opened up the shop by moving the main book wall back and expanding it wider.  Yessss.... we love books.

Seeds! Uprising Seeds and Horizon Herb Seeds are in, 2,500+ packets.  Adaptive Seeds and Siskiyou Seeds are on the way.

We moved the seeds off the wall, cut our big rack in half and put it on wheels with a lot more seed packets space and room to get around.  We've got them organized in a slight update from last year and are making neat labels to unify them and making finding what you want easy and fun.

Organic Asparagus and Rhubarb crowns, yes! contact us to pre-order.  Organic Potatoes and Onion Sets arrive by the beginning of March and we will be taking pre-orders, too.

The tool wall has happily unfurled into the space the seeds were in and we've got new tools on the way this spring......

Naomi checking in over 2,000 Uprising Seed packets
We added a new server in our office and another register in the shop and upgraded our financial and check out software programs.  Neil built new register stands and in general has been building and creating up a storm of all of our ideas.

CHICKS:  We are tinkering again with our baby chick brooders and re-doing the wall they'll be on this year.  Fluffy peepers will first land on Wednesday, February 20th and we have duck pre-orders again, too.  More to come in the Chick section.

Naomi's Mineral Mix!  new updated blend in the works, plus a new complete fertilizer mix. More updates and photos here in a bit.  : )

Neil painting the new rolling seed wall, now fully stocked!
Thur, Fri, Sat, Feb 7 - 9th Organicology: info and register - Naomi speaking on Saturday

Tues, Feb 12th InFARMation at Holocene: Policy 101, free event, info here

Sat, Feb 23rd Dairy Goat Conference: info and register here - Clacakamas, OR

Sat, Mar 2nd OSU Small Farms Conference: info and register here